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NFT Label Art

When you buy Zombie Buzz Artwork, you invest in a moment.

The First Edition of Zombie Buzz Label Artwork is:

…to provoke people to think; promote critical thinking for the time.

…lifelong learning with the technology of the time.

…about a time when you can purchase a piece of art with blockchain technology

and hold a piece of an innovative brand at its inception.

The First Edition Zombie Buzz – Each Label is Made for Our Time:

Pragmatic Colombian Supremo

The Pragmatic Columbian brew presents the philosophy of pragmatism for an age that desperately needs it.

Makin’ It Rainforest Brazilian

Makin’ It Rainforest explores monetary theory and its impact on our society.

Get Up! Stand Up! Jamaican

The Get Up Stand Up Jamaican says look away from your phones and observe beauty and nature.

The Ultimate Coffee Experience.

Buy the best coffee in the world. ZOMBIE BUZZ COFFEE is on a mission!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.