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The Coffee

Fresh Roasted Small Batch Specialty Coffee.

Zombie Buzz Coffee Loves Coffee!

Zombie Buzz Coffee exclusively sources and roasts premium specialty-grade coffee:

Clean and Sustainable, 100% Arabica Beans –

some of the most flavorful and sought-after coffee beans from around the world.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Where the Coffee Journey Begins…

Your Zombie Buzz Coffee Experience begins on farms thousands of miles away, in countries like Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil, Peru, and Costa Rica.

A coffee tree grows for 3 years before it produces the cherries used to make coffee!

The coffee cherries are processed in our source countries to become the recognizable green coffee bean. Zombie Buzz Coffee supports the economies of local farm communities!

Next, Your Zombie Buzz Specialty Roaster…

Zombie Buzz Coffee small batch roasts to ensure quality in every bean. 

Zombie Buzz roasts extraordinary Signature Blends, Awesome Infused Coffees, and Distinctive Single-Origin varieties.

Zombie Buzz Small Batch Roasting incorporates a delicate balance of science and art.

Your roaster cooks the bean just right. Zombie Buzz Coffee roasters strive to bring out a perfect blend of desired flavor characteristics like aroma, acidity, body, and flavor

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ultimate Coffee Experience

Then, of course, Zombie Buzz Coffee goes the extra mile:

See our…ArtInteract to have fun!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed