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Did You Know? Harvard Used to be a Christian University!?

The Christian Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony were seeking freedom and built Harvard in 1636. Harvard University has a historical connection to Christianity. Harvard was founded in 1636 with the primary purpose of training ministers for the Puritan colonists in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Religious Foundation: Harvard’s founders were Puritan clergy and leaders who […]

Why Have 1 Day of Halloween When You Can Have 3? – The Triduum of Halloween, All Saints’, and All Souls’ Day (VIDEO)

Part of “Halloween Facts – Series (TAKE QUIZ AT END TO SCORE A 10% DISCOUNT!) Before it was Halloween, it was All Hallows’ Eve. THREE Days to Contemplate the Boundary Between the Living and the Dead! The word Triduum is derived from the Latin, meaning “three days.” Hallow means holy, taken from Middle and Old […]

Finally – The P-Zombie!

Part 5 in “What is the P-Zombie? – Series (TAKE QUIZ AT END TO SCORE LUMENS.) (If you haven’t, see Part 1 of P-Zombie series.) A Thought Experiment Aimed at the Hard Problem of Consciousness The Zombie Argument is a fascinating one; so fascinating that we named our great coffee company Zombie Buzz Coffee! So…while […]